Friday, January 11, 2008

Table Top

This was a table top I had the opportunity to shoot at Viewpoint Studios. The purpose of this detail was to capture the intricately designed inset. This composition was ultimately rejected, because it did not show enough of the table. A more centered shot that also featured the table's base was agreed upon by those in charge of the shoot. While this shot is more interesting, it is too vague to be practical. This was lit with a single light to the right with a fill card to the left. The table top had a lot of character, which made it very photogenic.

Sinar F1 with a Phase One H25 digital back, ISO 100, 60th @ f/8


Christy Bullins said...

gorgeous! :)

Laura Graf Photo said...

This is wonderful... I love it, it should be hung on a wall some place! The lighting is gorgeous and I like that the floor is a different color! I would buy the table!!!