Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tear Sheet Emulation

This was an assignment for James' class. We had to pick out ads to copy. This effort was for the ad featuring a product. I chose this because I thought it might be challenging. The lighting was fairly straight forward, but I forgot to remove the label on the back of the bottle.

D200, ISO 100, 60th @ f/11

Soundslides Project

This is a wall of photos at a house in Chapel Hill. I took pictures of these photos to use in my soundslides project. It is a pretty impressive wall to behold in person.

D200, ISO 100, 60th @ f/8

Monday, February 18, 2008


This shot was an attempt at mirroring a tear sheet. The ad I copied was a shot featuring a model. Emulating the light was the easy part. I had to stand outside the doorway to line up the shot with the longer lens. To position her in front of the window I had to have her to left in the frame whereas in the ad the model is to the right.

Nikon D200, ISO 100, 60th @ f/11


This lovely lamp was shot for James' class. We went to Kreber Studios and were granted access to bays and equipment. The studio there is huge, 200,000 some square feet in fact. The class was split up into groups and each group was given an assignment. My group was instructed to shoot lamps. Someone was smiling down upon me when I found this gem.

Friday, February 8, 2008


This is Chuck, the instructor for the commercial concentration. We students were given the assignment to shoot a portrait of Chuck. We had to create our own lighting setup. I wanted to use a hard light to make the portrait a little more dramatic and I wanted to just barely highlight his shoulders. The photo on the bottom is Chuck after he had been informed that it was supposed to hail that night. He was surprised to hear that. I liked his expression.