Thursday, January 31, 2008

Joint Project

These alligators are part of a joint project between the RCC photographers and graphic designers. Ariel Vernon sculpted these pieces and she was also my partner in this project. For our idea, we thought we would treat these as works being donated to the Humane Society for auction. I took the photos of her work and she will use them to design posters, ads, and covers for either a catalog or a dvd cover. The lighting was particularly hard. The alligators were as reflective as glass, but I also had to be concerned with direction, detail, and tone. I used a careful combination of hard and soft light.

Leaf Aptus 17, ISO 50, 60th @ f/8

1 comment:

DS Clark Photo said...

Very nice work sir. I like how you used image building for those tricky shots. Nice highlights on the alligators, just enough, but not too much!