Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tear-Sheet Assignment

This was a group assignment. This is not an original setup. The lighting and composition were all copied from a magazine. The point was to work in a group and study the original in order to figure out how it was shot. We studied the shadows and the highlights for clues. It was an enlightening experience.

Phase 1, ISO 50, 1/4th @ f/2.8

This is a picture of the setup. In order to achieve the proper angle we had to prop the back legs of the table up on bricks. We used a reflector card over the metal to cover the reflection. A scrim was used to block off some of the sunlight and cut down on the specular highlights. An ascent light was used to create a controlled splash of light across the plates.


Laura Graf Photo said...

This is the best leftover food that I have ever seen! I think that you guys did a really good job getting creative and lighting your leftovers.

Jessey Dearing said...

Looks good, I want to see the original and compare. The food looks tasty and I like that the silverware is not reflecting all white, makes it more interesting.